We offer a varied menu in addition to having an extra option for every day of the week. At lunch you can also enjoy our menu of fish or meat dish, soup, bread, red or white wine or mineral water.


- Codfish “Braga” ( fried cod
with onions and fried potatoes)

- Hake filets with “Salada Russa”
(potato salad with mayonnaise)

- Codfish cakes with bean salad

- Hake filets with rice and salad

- Grilled Golden Bream with parsley sauce

- Grilled Sea Bass with parsley sauce

- Grilled Black Scabbard fish
with “gypsy” sauce

- Grilled Salmon with parsley sauce

- Cod fried Stakes with rice and salad


- Rump Cover Steak with oven roasted potatoes

- Turkey stakes - garnished

- Chicken stakes - garnished

- Beef stakes - garnished

- Meat Patties with “Salada Russa” (potato salad with mayonnaise)

- Tradicional portuguese
sausage “Alheiras de Mirandela”

- Hamburger with egg and cheese

- Cheese or ham omelet

- English Ham

- Beef Stake

Rua da Constitução 1064

4200-196 Porto

Phone: 225 020 750

(call to national fixed network)

developed & hosting: Sistémicos Projectos